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Quick Support / Remote Assistance
Quick Support software powered by TeamViewer

With our Quick Support software we can fix your computer problems remotely.

By downloading out Quick Support software from our website, you can simply run the program "No Need to Install" it will automatically generate a unique User ID and Password.

The password uses 6 alpha-numeric digits and is RANDOMLY GENERATED every time you run the program, or simply click the button to make it create a new password for you. With this security feature, its like having a new key to your house every time.

Once the User ID and Password is generated, you can give those details to your Dr.PC Quick Support Agent. and a remote session is initiated and our Quick Support Agent will fix your computer's problem what you sit and watch the magic.



How Safe is Quick Support?
Can anyone simply get into my computer by using Dr.PC Quick Support Software?

Dr.PC Quick Support software is provided and served by TeamViewer, they are well known for their remote connection software. With every session served through their secure servers, and a random generated password for each session, increases your security while using the software.

Here are what you need to know about Quick Support:

The software is digitally signed & coded to us so once this program is altered by a virus or other users with malicious intent, the software will cease to function.

A Unique User ID & RANDOM password is generated every time the software starts.

Every session goes through TeamViewer's secure servers, using modern day encryptions so each connection or session between the client and Dr.PC Agent is encrypted, no middle man access.

You would also have to call us and let us know the generated log in details for Quick support, so there are not risk of any unwanted or uninvited connections to your computer user our software.

Think of this security feature as changing the locks on your doors to your house every time you leave.

News & Events
Dr.PC recent news and upcoming events.

15th / Jan / 2015

Flat Service Fee - $50

Dr.PC is now offering a flat low rate of $50 to fix your computer. What are you waiting for? Contact Us Today!
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11th / Oct / 2012

Maintenance & Service Plans!

Dr.PC now offers a Prevantave Maintenance & Service Plan For both Home & Businesses tailored to fit your needs. Contact Us Today!
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10th / Oct / 2012

Telemarketing Scam! Your Computer Has a Virus.

Please be advised that there is a current computer scam operating in Australia where you are asked to provide your credit card details to remove viruses that have infected your computer.
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21st / July / 2012

Hows Quick Support Works?

Watch a new video explaining how Dr.PC Quick Support Works? click on the image on the left or the link below to watch the video.
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24th / June / 2012

Explainer video for Dr.PC Payment Processeing coming soon!!!
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30th / April / 2012

Dr.PC created a Facebook page, please visit and "LIKE" our page www.facebook.com/drpcph
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“ Dr.PC remote computer assistance is a life saver. Only yesterday, late in the afternoon, I had a problem with my e-mail system, I was stressed out big time, so I called Gerald from Dr.PC and he fixed it for me in no time. He does this with Remote Assistance. You just call him up, go online with him and download the Quick Support software and he works through it while you watch and learn. He is the only person I would and will recommend for your business and personal computer problems. Thanks Gerald, I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.„
- Kerry-Anne Bishop, Trusty-Seal Waterproofing Pty Ltd.