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Common causes of PC problems



Causes of Sluggish or Slow PC!

The computer starts to slow! This is one of the most common problems we get calls for, not just that it takes longer to start up but using your favorite programs seems to get slower with each day. This is very often the first effect you notice about your PC and it can be caused by many different things.

Causes of problems like this can either be Fragmented data on your hard disk, viruses, spyware and adware, errors in the registry are some of the most common reasons.


Not Properly Setup & Configured
Why is my computer not setup or configured properly?

Most computers New and old are sometimes not properly setup and configured, PC is not really a One Fits All type of device, people uses their computers differently for different purposes.

That said having programs that came BUNDLED with your PC often times slows down your computer experience as your PC loads all the essential and non essential programs during startup. Some programs specially those you rarely use can be safely remove, tom improve performance.

Other instances people install programs on their PC and often times those programs may or may not work given some conditions or limitations of the PC. Most will leave the program or remove them soon after, sometimes removing the software will not remove all settings and files leaving unwanted files and registry settings on your PC.


Cookies, Temp Files & Other Junk!
Junk files? where do i get those???

The internet is a GREAT tool, browsing the web, looking at websites on a constant basis, most don't know that you accumulate a LOT of Temporary Internet Files.

Temporary Internet Files & Cookies are commonly used when you visit a website specially for the first time. Cookies saves some level of important information about you as a site visitor, even save preferences or settings within these cookies. Images on websites are also considered to be one of these temporary files, these images and HTML files are saved on your computer incase you visit the site again, by then the site would load much faster or so it would seem.

When does it become JUNK FILES? Well after a while you tend to accumulate all these files and it doesn't get deleted from your system, often time your browser whether it be Firefox, Chrome & especially Internet Explorer, these programs need a good FLUSHING of old data stored on your computer.


News & Events
Dr.PC recent news and upcoming events.

15th / Jan / 2015

Flat Service Fee - $50

Dr.PC is now offering a flat low rate of $50 to fix your computer. What are you waiting for? Contact Us Today!
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11th / Oct / 2012

Maintenance & Service Plans!

Dr.PC now offers a Prevantave Maintenance & Service Plan For both Home & Businesses tailored to fit your needs. Contact Us Today!
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10th / Oct / 2012

Telemarketing Scam! Your Computer Has a Virus.

Please be advised that there is a current computer scam operating in Australia where you are asked to provide your credit card details to remove viruses that have infected your computer.
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21st / July / 2012

Hows Quick Support Works?

Watch a new video explaining how Dr.PC Quick Support Works? click on the image on the left or the link below to watch the video.
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24th / June / 2012

Explainer video for Dr.PC Payment Processeing coming soon!!!
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30th / April / 2012

Dr.PC created a Facebook page, please visit and "LIKE" our page www.facebook.com/drpcph
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“ Dr.PC remote computer assistance is a life saver. Only yesterday, late in the afternoon, I had a problem with my email system, I was stressed out big time, so I called Gerald from Dr.PC and he fixed it for me in no time. He does this with Remote Assistance. You just call him up, go online with him and download the Quick Support software and he works through it while you watch and learn. He is the only person I would and will recommend for your business and personal computer problems. Thanks Gerald, I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.„
- Kerry-Anne Bishop, Trusty-Seal Waterproofing Pty Ltd.